Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Is What Big Sisters Are For

Besides saving mom the humiliation of squeezing into the kiddie ride seat.

Yes, she is 16 years old

Now this one, on the other hand, has ALWAYS been afraid of these larger than life characters, and she HAS seen them on TV. But now that she is too old to be afraid, she is going to get her hug in even if it is only supposed to be for ages 12 and under.

Diego Hug

This kid has never been scared of these larger than life characters. Maybe if we actually let her watch the TV shows they come from it would be a different story... Check out how she sneaks a kiss in on his cheek.

Pancakes make me wanna dance!

After a meal at our local IHOP, she heard the music piped out to the walkway and it just got her feets to moving!

Halloween Rehearsal

Practicing her ROAR for Halloween 2008

Mastering the Big Girl Swing

Again from Sept 08, 2-1/2 years old, those low hanging swings really boost the confidence of our little swinger!

Bart Train Ride Inspired Song (sept 08)

Down by the station
Early in the morning
See the steam engines all in a row
See the engine driver
Pull the little throttle
Chug Chug Peep Peep
Off we go

Dance Routine

This dance happens regularly in our bedroom. She really turned it on for the camera, complete with her tagline, "can I see it?"